Canola Blog

Canola Blog

Since the focus of our canola oil business is creating a healthy oil that can be truly sold as “farm to table,” we decided that some of you might be interested in the whole process from the time the fields are prepared until the canola oil reaches your home.  This blog is an attempt to help you understand these details.

May 8, 2011

On May 8th, Dan finally got the Chilcote North Field planted.  We determined that we would get the seed for our oil from the north side of this field.  We purposely kept this side free from the fungicide with boron and nitrogen that we used on the south side of the field because we wanted this seed to be as pure as possible.  (The fungicide was sprayed on recommendation from a ca

April – May 2011

On our farm, April is the month when we begin preparing our fields for planting.  We had a cold, wet April this year which made it very difficult to get out in the fields.  There were snow and rain showers that delayed this process, so that most of the disking did not take place until late April and early May.